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Ohh La La Lashes!

Its no secret that lashes have been the latest craze! Anywhere from lash extensions, lash tinting, lash lifting, lash serums, you name it and us girls are doing it to our lashes.

On a serious note, each and every one of them have their own benefits!

If your the girl on the go then lash tinting is a effortless, no maintaince and very affordable way to add glam to your life.

Eye lash serums are one of my personal favorite options. Eyelash serums take 2 weeks to see results with daily use and cause no damage to your lashes. This conditioning serum is also great for brows too! This is also recomended for my eyelash xtension wearing girls. This serum makes your natural lashes grow up to 3x!! My favorite brand that is safe for light eyes is Nutraluxe lash MD.

Eyelash Extensions are perfect for the girl who has a little time to maintain her lashes and keep up with her fill ins. They are such a beautiful, semi permanent option. This option cuts down on your daily makeup routine.

Band Lashes are also one of my faves! These are great to add whatever amount of drama to any look with out a commitment. Not to mention another very affordable option. Especially if use high quality lashes such as IIkonn lashes. These Siberian mink lashes are reusable up to 25x so you get your moneys worth and don't throw them away with 1 use like many other lashes I have tried. Visit and use promo code TOTALGLAMNY and get 35% off your entire order!

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